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Rolls and pre-cut sheets (POP-UP FOIL)

The ideal aluminum foil!

A valuable ally for your dishes and various uses.

Manufactured under high quality standards, we have a wide range of products at affordable prices.

We offer transparency in content, traceability, safety and good manufacturing practices.

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ISIMART Resists high

aluminum trays

The best option for your meetings.

Events, banquets and catering, we have various sizes and shapes.

They are resistant, made of high quality material.

Our production capacity allows us to meet large volume requirements.

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Factory Services

We have a very flexible manufacturing infrastructure and state-of-the-art sophisticated equipment that we can adapt to meet any market need that requires aluminum foil.

We carry out strict quality control, safety and traceability in the manufacturing processes of your products.

At all times you have the support, technology and experience of ISIMART® for the development of your commercial line.



Servicio de 

Contamos con infraestructura de manufactura muy flexible y equipos sofisticados de ultima generación que podemos adecuar para satisfacer cualquier necesidad del mercado que requiere papel aluminio.

Llevamos un estricto control de calidad, inocuidad y trazabilidad en los procesos de fabricación de tus productos.

En todo momento cuentas con el respaldo, la tecnología y la experiencia de ISIMART® para el desarrollo de tu línea comercial.

Aluminum raw material 

One of our main divisions is the distribution of aluminum raw material for different applications, from discs, jumbo coils, plates, sheets, or aluminum foil for domestic, institutional and industrial use.

Sourcing Service

From China to Mexico. We negotiate with suppliers and help you with the search and development of your product.

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Professional and sustainable packaging, pet strapping is resistant and friendly to the environment.

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Products of


Sustainable products for the food sector such as wooden chopsticks and bamboo skewers.

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Certification in the
Global Markets Intermediate Level Program is our guarantee.

We have experience in the quality control and safety management system, demonstrating good manufacturing practices.

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