Women can be both very sexual pets and you may capable of being intimately discriminating

Not only try the fresh fantasy-dyke the off the beaten track, the guy expected their partner to acquire for the program and you may rebrand due to the fact het, aside from her very own intimate name and also the several years of battle it grabbed the woman becoming ok on it

Our very own sexual strategies try diverse: juicy, libidinous, twisted, vanilla extract, brick, cuddly, mental, poetic, and you may political. He could be sexual and you may embodied. If you believe they don’t include holding, tasting, and you will loving the feminine human anatomy, you’ve got fallen prey toward patriarchal faith one ladies authorities is disgusting. Queer society produces all sorts of area for all those whoever intimate practice focuses primarily on wearing diapers, coercive weight gain, and you may Grindr, but seem to wanting to bury the head when you look at the vagina is exactly what Dan Savage create name “a great fetish too much.”